real estate solutions

THINK was established in 2010 responding to the market change. We have realised that, whilst a big organisation in its traditional way is hardly sustainable, individual professionals cannot respond to client challenges. We have therefore incorporated into a professional team, whereby we have kept our independency of the burdens of organisational hierarchies, yet work as a team providing comprehensive professional technical consultancy.
THINK is therefore not a traditional consultancy organisation, which gives professional advice to clients, but a professional team thinking and working in corporation with all project stakeholders of the Client with focus on the Project goal.

We therefore do not just give advices, we are incorporated with our clients guiding the team through the Real Estate project cycle.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Within the THINK team, besides our technical services we treat it with high importance to take steps to further some social good making life standards of our society better.

THINK is proud to be One of the 42 Smile Ambassadors. With this initiative we support the work of Smile Foundation.