Project Management

Our Project Management services encompasses the entire project life cycle. We can thus provide a comprehensive real estate service for our Clients, whereby we act as incorporated members of our Client’s team as opposed to external consultants flying in and out.

Project Life Cycles

We assist developing the development program in conjunction with the design creating a financially durable, whilst still exciting project. Our aim is to work out necessary budget driven compromises in creative ways. After all, classical,financially efficient buildings have been built quite a few times, let’s think of efficient solutions in creative ways.

What we do:

■ Feasibility studies;
■ Highlight project risks;
■ Identify project and site constraints that needs to be dealt with;
■ Guide the design team to create the project within budget;
■ Develop high level project programme;
■ Develop cost estimates;
■ Compile all information into an approval request document;
■ Work together with the client’s Real Estate team in order to obtain project sign off.

In the creating the asset phase, we walk through the traditional ways with developers, future tenants, future building owners, designers and contractors with an aim to deliver the project within the project programme and budget set in the think phase.

What we do:

■ Project management;
■ Design management;
■ Cost management;
■ Managing statutory building consents;
■ Design and Construction Tender Management;
■ Contract administration;
■ Technical supervision / clerk of works.

We do not want to walk away after the opening ceremony. We can stay incorporated with our clients’ Real Estate teams providing professional support in operating their asset.

What we do:

■ Assist compiling the Service Level Agreement (SLA);
■ Technical support including mechanical and electrical services, architectural and structural building structures;
■ Monitor compliance with SLA;
■ Communication with Landlords / tenants;
■ Propose required maintenance / fit out works;
■ Cost estimate of smaller reconfiguration-, fit out works;
■ Design management of smaller fit out works;
■ Project management and technical supervision of smaller fit out projects.



Technical Consultancy

technical due diligences

TDD service is mainly provided for pre-acquisitions and re-financings.
We investigate all details of the Real Estate to provide our Clients with all possible technical information supporting their decisions in relation to acquisitions, forward purchases, re-financings, etc. Within the Technical Due Diligence process we are aiming to think incorporated with the Client’s Real Estate team. Therefore, once we have looked into all technical details, we translate them into business risks and constraints that can be taken into account in business decisions.

independent engineer / funders technical advisor

We give project funders the information they are looking for, what is their money being spent for. Throughout the project life cycle we monitor-, and grant our approvals to the following:

■ Design compliance with approved financial plan;
■ Statutory approvals;
■ Procurement of contractors;
■ Construction progress;
■ Approval of loan draw downs / invoice approvals;
■ Report Anticipated Final Account / anticipated budget overruns;
■ Confirm project close out.

forward purchase technical advisor role

In forward purchasing, real estate funds want to know if they will get what they are paying for. In order to provide our Clients with the appropriate answers, we think of the following:

■ Technical specification of the forward purchase contract;
■ Design compliance with the technical specification;
■ Procurement of contractors;
■ Construction progress;
■ Approval of funding draw downs / invoice approvals;
■ Report Anticipated Final Account / anticipated budget overruns;
■ Confirm project close out.



Space Planning

Our Space Planning service encompasses the design concept of the internal space usage. With this services our Clients are provided with a comprehensive consultancy of their space allocations in a way that can also be understood without technical perspective.

Take a look at our video of Space Planning.


First, we aim to comprehend our Client’s way of working as much as possible (e.g. in case of an office space, meeting room occupancy tracking, meeting room size requirements, working patterns, i.e. small / mid / big team projects, kitchenette usages, etc.). We then propose alternative space allocations that dovetails in with the company’s working behaviour focusing on efficient space usage to avoid creating unnecessary spaces to be paid for.


We understand however, that a layout drawing may not be sufficient to comprehend the space in 3 Dimensions, we therefore present the different options in 3D models to find out if we have really met Client’s requirements or further alterations are still required.


Furthermore, we can even take our Clients to their office space prior to construction to take a walk in a virtual reality (VR) and look around to get a fully realistic feel of their future office.